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Benefits of Walking in Your Lunch Break

10,000, the magic 10,000. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about steps.

We see this number everywhere, our watches, health websites, everywhere! But, for a lot of us, especially those with a desk job, this number seems terrifying high.

The worrying thing is, 10,000 is the MINIMUM amount of steps we should be doing everyday. How do people do it? How can I do it?

One of the best ways to up your step count, is using your lunch break.

There are many benefits to walking during this time, here are a few examples:

Benefit 1: Clears your mind Work is stressful, no matter what you do, your mind is working overtime.

Take in the fresh air and clear your head by going on a midday walk.

When your return to your desk, you’ll have those steps PLUS a clear mind to get started on the next task.

You’ll also find you are more productive and creative after a lunchtime walk.

Benefit 2: Health benefits There are so many health benefits to walking. Let’s go through the main ones:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Boosted immune system

  • Reduced blood pressure

Those who walk more are at a reduced risk of short- and long-term cardiovascular diseases, meaning you have fewer sick days, increased quality of life, and possibly increased quantity.

Benefit 3: Sunlight Who doesn’t love a bit of midday sunshine?

Taking yourself on a lunchtime walk gets you out in the sun, allowing you to work on your tan and get in that sacred vitamin D.

Benefit 4: Increased energy Walking is a form of exercise, and a damn good one at that!

Like any exercise, walking releases feel good hormones and makes you feel more energised. I’m sure most of you have experienced that midday slump?

So, what better time to increase your energy levels than at midday, it’s the perfect time!

Leading into the next benefit..

Benefit 5: It’s exercise Most of us have a jam packed schedule, the thought of adding in a gym session a few times a week is just unrealistic and not possible.

We’re always going to have a lunch break, so why not use this time to get in some of that medicine we call exercise!

Benefit 6: Sociability Get your colleagues involved and take your lunchtime chat on a walk.

Talk about anything but work, this is your downtime.

Benefit 7: Me time On the flip side, if you prefer to take a solo walk, it can be a bit of much needed alone time. Especially if you’ve got kids, your lunch break might be the only chance you get for some me time.

So, the next time you move from your desk, go for a walk rather than sitting in yet another chair.

Walking is great for your health - physical, mental, and social.

Those 10,000 steps are there for a reason!

Make sure you’re getting them!

Instead of making the goal of 10,000 steps on day 1, why not try increase by 1-2,000 a day first. Crack that consistently, then try adding another 1-2000 steps and so on. You'll get there x


Top tips? ❤️

Have you got any extra top tips that you have found helpful? Share your secrets below and let's all help each other!

Or just drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Rosie ❤️


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