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Chill Out With The Dopamine!

Have you ever wondered why you’re driven to do the things you do? Have sex, eat food, be with friends, binge watch Netflix, online shop, or even just scrolling on the Internet - they are all a process of one master neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine.

Dopamine is called the motivation chemical, and rightfully so. It’s basically your brain telling you “I’ve got to have it - whatever IT is!” And it’ s 10x more powerful than you think.

Without dopamine, there wouldn 't even be a reason to get out of bed. People who suffer from low dopamine levels often experience depression.

It’s the “get up and go” chemical, and without it, life would be impossible and nothing would get done. It really is why you do what you do.

However, when overstimulated with dopamine, your desires and motivations become non-existent. We are constantly surrounded by and live in a world of complete overstimulation of dopamine.

From the artificially modified and enhanced foods at every checkout, to getting that dopamine hit from scrolling through our Facebook newsfeeds and watching funny viral videos. We are FLOODED every day with TOO much dopamine.

Our ability to make healthy decisions and improve our lives is eroded because of this overstimulation.

Unless you take action, this will only get worse. We will continue to spend hours on the Internet, binge watching Netflix series and catching up on the soaps - unless you take your motivation back.

So how do we do this?

Novelty = Dopamine.

We produce dopamine when we find something new, see something new, or experience something new. This is what makes the Internet soooo compelling…

Listen, I’m not hating on the Internet, but I need to illustrate an important point.

Spending lots of time on the Internet is incredibly bad for your willpower and motivation.

When I stopped spending so much time scrolling through social media, getting instant gratification from the Internet and watching TV - I became so much more motivated to my fitness goals, I stopped craving sugary and processed foods, I gained more free time to exercise and meal prep, and I stayed motivated for much longer periods.

The thing is, in order to experience these, you must unhook from what is controlling you. The way we do this is through a detox and going cold turkey!

So whilst on the bootcamp, I ask you to limit the following websites to an absolute maximum of 1 hour per day: Social media websites, Pinterest, Reddit, toxic Facebook groups and forums, celebrity gossip websites, news sites, and magazines.

You know the ones I'm talking about… Let them go. Even gaming websites or video games.

Have you ever noticed how lethargic your child is after a few hours of video games...

We must unhook the needle. We must detach ourselves from the world of overstimulation and learn to live a different life completely. With it, we will take back our choices and get back our passions.

The result?

You will experience living like you never have before.

The choices in life will become clearer to you. You will have more energy than you know what to do with! And motivation will be some sort of distant afterthought. You will simply know what you need to do, and do it.

No second thoughts. No temptations. No hesitation. No debates. Just action.

I would also recommend watching the Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma. It's very interesting.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Top tips? ❤️

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Rosie ❤️


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