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Everyone's arse has a crack in it!

Remember, no-one is perfect. Everyone's arse has a crack in it!

There is a common myth in our society that there is such a thing as 'perfect' and we should all strive to be it.

I mean, it's hard to believe that is false when we see "perfect" Facebook mums and Instagram models.

The truth is we are all human, flawed and prone to making mistakes as we navigate the world and learn and grow from our experiences.

No-one is perfect. No-one!

No matter how much they make you believe their fake reality, everyone's shit stinks.

I know it can be hard not to compare to other people.

Whether it's from scrolling on social media, or even comparing yourself to others in our support group.

Please, please realise that you are not the only one who feels vulnerable, insecure and self-critical at times.

We're all fighting our own demons and trying to do our best.

By remembering this, it helps take the pressure off yourself and no longer feel so isolated and alone.

You are never alone in your thoughts babe x

You’ve got this! 💪


Top tips? ❤️

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Or just drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of this.

Rosie ❤️

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