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Improving your relationship with your body

Just a little reminder that you've got this far.

You have persevered with the programme, changed your routines, made better choices and new habits.

Hopefully, you’ll be feeling more energised like you can take on the world.

So, today I want you to spend time with yourself, and list all the cool shit your body has helped you do so far during this bootcamp!

I want you to find a mirror and instead of looking in the mirror and thinking about what you don’t like about your body.

I want you to mentally acknowledge all the things you do like about your body.

All the amazing things your body can do.

How you have smashed the workouts, even though your legs may have been dead and your mind was screaming to stop!

I want you to look at a body part on you, maybe your arms, legs, butt or face.

Send complete LOVE to that part of your body, notice how it may have changed, how you might carry yourself different, how your clothes may be fitting you better in those areas...

How you may have new and exciting confidence wearing things you didn’t feel confident in before.

Secondly, I want you to make a file on your phone, in your notes or on your computer and call it your NSV file!

I want you to write down every little NSV you have had over these past weeks so you can always look back and remember.

This file is going to stay with you now, and any time someone pays you a compliment I want you to add that to the list so it keeps on growing.

This file will be your instant pick me up on the days that you’re feeling like shit.

And finally…

I want you to stand up tall, smile and say this…


You’ve got this!


Top tips? ❤️

Have you got any extra top tips that you have found helpful? Share your secrets below and let's all help each other!

Or just drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of this.

Rosie ❤️


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