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Reasons to Digital Detox

Now this is something we are ALL guilty of, and for most, it isn't getting any better.

We are in a world where we live on our phones pretty much 24/7. Never has there been a time like this, where you can find out what's happening at that exact time on the other side of the world.

Its mind blowing isn't it!

No literally, it is actually blowing our minds.

Making a conscious effort each day to reduce screen time will go a long long way.

Here are some ways you and your family could benefit from a digital detox:

Be More Peaceful

If your phone or tablet isn’t buzzing, beeping or vibrating in your hand or pocket every few seconds, you begin breathing deeper and being less on edge. You relax. You slow down.

Think More

Instead of checking texts, Facebook, or whatever you choose to take your mind away from the now. Try taking a walk without your phone. You look at what surrounds you instead of a screen. You find solutions to the problems you thought you had. You begin brainstorming your next adventure. You even find new friends!

Connect More With Those Around You

If you’re not staring at a screen, you have to stare at the person sitting next to you. You might strike up a conversation and learn something new. You might share your feelings. You might laugh. You might improve your relationship.

Step Away From Multitasking

A phone in hand usually means you’ll try to do two (or three or four) things at once. Without the phone, you automatically put more of your focus on the task at hand. You find yourself accomplishing more in less time, and in most cases your results are a whole lot better and more satisfying than what you every tried while multitasking.

Create Your Schedule Your Way

If you answer a text or an email or a call at 9pm on a Saturday evening, you teach that person you’re available all the time. If you only answer in a time that works for your schedule, that person will learn to connect with you on your schedule.

You Crave It

If you digitally detox once, you’re going to like the results so much you’ll want to do it again. You may have your phone in your handbag for emergencies, but that’s just in case. It’s YOUR time to relax and recharge. It’s YOUR time to read a good book and think about new things. It’s YOUR time for planning, growing and sharing.

It Makes You More Productive

After a weekend away from technology, your Mondays are more energetic than ever. You have ideas you want to implement, connections that need to be made, and things you want to do.

So, give it a try, switch on an hour later than usual and switch off an hour earlier than usual. IT'S BLISS.


Top tips? ❤️

Have you got any extra top tips that you have found helpful? Share your secrets below and let's all help each other!

Or just drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of this.

Rosie ❤️


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