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Red Pesto Salad

15 Minute Red Pesto Salad. So easy and quick to make, and bloody delicious!

Serves: 4 Time: 15 minutes



Fresh Ingredients

  • 240g Green Beans, trimmed

  • 2 Avocados, cut into slices

  • 80g Rocket, or any lettuce

  • 80g Sun-dried Tomatoes, chopped

Cupboard Ingredients

  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

  • 400g Butter Beans, drained

  • 4 Tablespoons Red Pesto

  • 4 Teaspoons Balsamic Vinegar

Optional Extras

  • 4 Teaspoons Pumpkin Seeds


  1. Heat a non-stick pan with 1 tablespoon of oil. Add the butter beans and the pesto, mix well and cook for around 2 mins. Then add the sun-dried tomatoes, seasoning and cook for a further 3 mins.

  2. Fill a small saucepan and bring to a boil, add the green beans and cook until tender.

  3. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and the balsamic vinegar to a small bowl, mix well and set aside.

  4. Divide the rocket between plates, top with the avocado, green beans and the pesto and bean mixture.

  5. Scatter the pumpkin seeds on top and drizzle over the dressing. Enjoy!


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