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The biggest LIE ever told!

"I'll start again on Monday!"

How many times have you said this? It is the biggest lie ever told 😂

This mindset where you give yourself permission on a regular basis to either start or reboot on Mondays can be dangerous territory.

Also, why do we have to wait until Monday's? 😂

Why do we have an "off day" on Wednesday and then use it as an excuse to delay until the following Monday?

Have you had an off day - or few days?

Are you thinking about re-starting again?


Please Don't!

Stop kidding yourself that there will be a magical Monday when everything just clicks into place.

The mind works in weird and mysterious ways, it's funny when you think about it.

I'm not judging if this is you - this totally used to be me!

The key to getting started and staying consistent is to switch your mindset.

It's so easy to start the week enthusiastic about your goals...

But by Wednesday - you lose focus and motivation.

And that's okay.

Let me say that one more time...

It's okay to feel like that, you are human.

It's not easy staying motivated.

This is where changing your mindset comes in...

If by Wednesday you are ordering a takeaway. Do not suddenly declare to yourself that you are now "off plan".

We need to take away these "on/off" plan statements and just see it as you ate more that day, nothing more.

Otherwise, it can take us on a downward spiral and go into fuck it mode.

We believe we are "off plan" - so then we stay off plan for longer than we would if we just simply said, "oh I ate more today, my body must have needed it".

Or "I ate more unhealthy today, I think it's because I am stressed with work. I will try to take some time out each day to de-stress and meal prep on a day I'm not working".

It's all about switching your mindset - but also being kinder to yourself.

When we associate feelings of shame and guilt with eating more food, this is when the cycle of binge, emotional and overeating happens.


Losing weight used to consume my every waking moment. It was a horrible state of mind to be in.

When I started looking at this as a long game of becoming healthier, one day at a time, in a healthy sustainable way...that's when the magic happened!

That's when my mindset became stronger. I stopped feeling guilt, shame, anxiety, upset.

Give it a try and see how you find it. Negative patterns could be banished for good!

You’ve got this! 💪


Top tips? ❤️

Have you got any extra top tips that you have found helpful? Share your secrets below and let's all help each other!

Or just drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of this.

Rosie ❤️


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