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Mega Mushroom Dahl

25 Minute Mega Mushroom Dahl. Mushroom lovers, get this in your belly!

Serves: 4 Time: 25 minutes



  • 1 Bunch Coriander, chopped

  • 200g Red Lentils, rinsed

  • 1 Tablespoon Ginger, grated

  • 2 Brown Onions, diced

  • 2 Tablespoon Curry Powder

  • 2 Cans Of Green Lentils (400g)

  • 1 Tablespoon Veg Oil

  • 1 Vegetable Stock Cube, dissolved in 350ml boiled water

  • 300g Portobello Mushrooms, cut thick

  • 100g Solid Creamed Coconut Sachets (Blue Dragon is a good brand, or use the top part of canned coconut milk)


  1. Heat the grill to medium. If you bought the creamed coconut sachets, you may need to soften them a little. You can do this by popping the coconut sachets in a bowl (still in their packet). Cover them in boiling water and set aside allowing them to soften.

  2. Meanwhile, heat the veg oil in a large non-stick pan. Add half the onion and saute for 3 mins, then add the ginger and saute for a further 2 mins. Add the curry powder, and both lentils, followed by the stock and the softened creamed coconut. Mix well and cook for 15 mins more.

  3. Pop the mushrooms and remaining onions onto a baking tray, season and drizzle the remaining oil on top. Put them under the grill for 10 mins until nice and charred.

  4. Once everything is done, serve your dahl with the grilled mushrooms and coriander on top!


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