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10 Ways to Practice Body Positivity

Every piece of you is a burst of beautiful.

“I want to make my butt bigger”, “I need to lose fat around my belly”, “my skin looks awful today”.

We hear way too much of this, and not enough of this:

“God, I look hot today”, “My arms are looking great”, “Wow, I’ve been working out <3”.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve our bodies, but at the time, there’s no reason we should put down the current product.

Seriously, why do we do it?

What’s the fucking point?

Why put ourselves down when we can build ourselves up?

Need some tips on how to love yourself? Here’s 10:

Tip 1: Tell yourself things you love about yourself

Been doing the Rosie workouts lately? Tell yourself you’re proud of yourself.

Seeing progress in your body, say it out loud. Hell, scream it.

You did that, show it off and be proud.

Tip 2: Practice gratitude

Be grateful with what you have.

If you’ve got a functioning body, you have the ability to walk, see, and hear. You already have more than some others.

Appreciate the body you’ve been given, and how you’re lucky to do things others can only dream of.

Tip 3: Love others

Ever heard the saying “treat others how you wish to be treated”?

This is a great rule to follow by for yourself and others.

Let someone know you see something beautiful in them, build a community of people building each other up, not tearing them down.

This leads into my next tip.

Tip 4: Surround yourself with good people

If people say negative things about you, that’s just a reflection on them, not you.

You don’t deserve that kind of toxicity in your life.

Hang around with people who only have nice things to say.

Tip 5: Focus on the good

What do you love about yourself? Have nice eyes, or great boobs?

Focus on that and everything else will follow.

Tip 6: Focus on you

Social media has built a community of comparisons. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others.

What we often forget is they have different lives and journeys to us.

Focus on what you can do, nobody has your situation.

Tip 7: Stop yourself from negativity

As soon as you start bringing yourself down, immediately STOP!

There’s no need for it, it’s doing nobody any good.

Tip 8: Seek inspiration

I used to go onto Google, and type in body positive quotes whenever I was having a low body image day. Instead you can now check our the Pick Me Ups section of the site.

Spend a few minutes inspiring yourself

Tip 9: Self care

Who’s going to love you more than you?

Your answer should be nobody.

Take some time getting to know the amazing qualities about yourself. Use the journal prompts section and start journalling to discover who you are, and what you want from life.

Tip 10: Look past your body

When someone asks who you are - you don’t tell them your weight or dress size, so why do we focus on that so much?

Are you successful in your career? Are you a good person? What hobbies do you have? We are so much more than the bodies we live in.

Spend time listing out all the cool shit you do, have done, and are doing. You'll surprise yourself!


Top tips? ❤️

Have you got any extra top tips that you have found helpful? Share your secrets below and let's all help each other!

Or just drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of this.

Rosie ❤️


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